28 Feb

ABN Asia – we made headline & we help people’s life.

Hanoi 28.February.2020
ABN Asia – we made headline & we help people’s life.

Our product made headline to VTV1 at the News in the golden time (7.15PM), and being covered in most news channels nationwide. It is the moment where we realize that doing things well, with great care, with utmost focus to solving crucial problems, and with humble, will actually pay back greatly.

We are proud to help customers shine.

02 Feb

Security: FIDO2

2nd Feb 2020
Today, Google has launched an open source project that will help hobbyists and hardware vendors build their own security keys, and contribute to the technology’s ongoing development. The initiative, called OpenSK, uses Rust-​based firmware to essentially turn Nordic chip dongles into a FIDO U2F and FIDO2-​compliant security key. Google has also published a source code for users to 3D print a physical case for the dongle, so their security keys look and can be used like standard keys.

18 Dec

200,000 messages coming in every second | How to cope with | ABN Big Data


I wanted to share this user story because it’s a great example of how the features built into the Elastic Stack can provide awesome results at scale.

GoDaddy has over 10 million hosted sites — and keeping them running smoothly requires insight into every piece of their infrastructure. With over 200,000 messages coming in every second (DNS queries, system logs, business events, and more), they turned to centralized logging and machine learning with the Elastic Stack to tackle monitoring and anomaly detection at scale. Working with experts at Elastic, GoDaddy implemented machine learning jobs that make it easy to find anomalies in mountains of data, a task that would have been intractable through manual monitoring.

If you’re curious, you can learn more in the following blog post:

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