28 Jun

ABN Techweek: Twitter: how is that built from the inside.

ABN Tech Week trains engineers on the most important issues in building highly scalable software systems. The topic today is: Twitter: how is that built from the inside?

We all know Twitter. I myself as an engineer am a heavy Twitter user. But do we know how it is built? This ABN Techweek edition today will highlight design aspects from Twitter 1.0, before Elon.

This analysis is based on research from many Twitter engineering blogs and open-source projects.

Below is the tech stack:
Mobile: Swift, Kotlin, PWA
Web: JS, React, Redux
Services: Mesos, Finagle
Caching: Pelikan Cache, Redis
Databases: Manhattan, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FlockDB, MetricsDB
Message queues: Kafka, Kestrel
Data processing: Heron, Flume, Tableau, SummingBird, Scalding
Data storage: Hadoop, blob store
Data centers: Twitter data center, AWS, Google Cloud
Tools: Puppet, Audubon, Wilson

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