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Will AsiaBI build the necessary BI Infrastructure for us?
Yes we will.

What kind of hardware do I need?

End-users: no need for any additional hardware. End-users can continue to use their existing PC-s, laptops & tablets to access the system or to receive BI reports on their email accounts.
Servers: Servers are necessary for BI Computing. Depending on your organization’s BI need, you may either reuse your existing servers or buy new set of servers (from Oracle, HP, Dell, IBM etc., AsiaBI will assist you with the selection of dedicated hardware for BI). You can also hire the BI Computing Cloud from us.

I dont want to spend much on computing infrastructure (such as servers). What are my options?

You can rent the computing power from our BI Cloud which we built upon Amazon Cloud and Google Cloud. Either you need massive computing power or just enough power for simple reporting, we can configure the BI Cloud on Amazon & Google Cloud accordingly.

What datasources can I report?

Data can come from any of your existing applications, be it ERP, Accounting, Point-of-Sales, Shops, Warehouse, Distribution System, Excel, CSV, etc.

What kind of reports can I do?
Any report that you are currently using (but now automated throughout the entire ogranization), any new report you can think of for your management, all sort of business reports.

Do I need a data warehouse?

Data warehouse is a central place where you consolidate data from all different sources for reporting & analytics purpose. In case you want to do simple & automated reporting, you may not need to build a data warehouse. However, a data warehouse will be necessary if you want to do more advanced reporting & drill-down analytics.



Can I start with simple reporting and move to big data analytics without dumping prior investment?

Yes you can. AsiaBI builds a foundation on which you can gradually add more BI capabilities.

Our datasources are scattered and hard-to-maintain. What are our options?

We will work with you to see if our BI system can automatically pull all your data into a data warehouse. We can also provide a data-entry solution in case you have too much manual data work.

How complex is BI Reporting?

BI & Big Data is a very complex problem. AsiaBI makes it simple: let us know your current data sources & your reporting need, we’ll make it happen.

What are my path to BI?

You can start BI right away, considering the below maturity model to set your goal:

What are the steps to start an BI project with AsiaBI?

Simply tell us your data sources and reporting need (we’ll also discuss that with you). Then we’ll send you a proposal and a quote.

Is BI Reporting expensive?

With AsiaBI, it’s simple and not expensive to get started: you simply rent the BI Cloud from AsiaBI and we consolidate reports for you from your datasources.

What are the high-level steps of implementing BI?










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