BI Hardware

Pentaho BI & Analytics platform can run on-premise on regular servers or on cloud. The official Pentaho System Requirements guideline can be found here:

On a regular server: Pentaho BI & Analytics can run on regular hardware platform such as IBM, HP or Oracle Sun Servers. Read a study by Oracle here:

On cloud: Amazon cloud computing platform can be rented to power your Pentaho BI & Analytics platform, on demand.

Pentaho and Amazon Web Services deliver on demand big data analytics in the cloud. Pentaho on Amazon Web Services provides scalable, high-performance solutions for blending, orchestrating, and analyzing big data in the cloud.

Powering Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Moving big data to the cloud not only requires hosted data stores and frameworks, but also technologies for blending and analyzing massive amounts of information. Pentaho and Amazon Web Services enable organizations like NASDAQ OMX to manage and analyze billions of transactions a day on elastic infrastructure.

With the Pentaho platform, large volumes of diverse data can be ingested into hosted Hadoop distributions, transformed, refined and immediately pushed into Amazon Redshift. Business users and analysts are then offered a full spectrum of analytics including interactive data visualization, reporting, dashboards and advanced and predictive analytics.

Streamlined Data Refinery on Amazon Web Services


Self-Service Data Prep on Amazon Redshift

Pentaho data integration offers an easy-to-use interface to eliminate the need for analytic database specialists to deploy and maintain systems, including:

  • Accelerate big data insights with automatic model generation and publishing for Amazon Redshift
  • Blend and refine diverse data between Hadoop and Amazon Redshift
  • Deploy on cloud infrastructure for rapid time-to-value
  • Connect to Amazon Redshift, the Amazon Web Services cloud-based data warehouse solution

Rich Analytics for All Data in the Cloud

Pentaho delivers scalable business intelligence in the cloud, empowering users with a suite of rich analytics to improve products, understand customers, optimize marketing, and prevent fraud.

Uncover Patterns and Make Better Decisions

  • Advanced analytics for a broad set of users include an array of self-service analytics and visualization for all end users – business users, analysts, and data scientists
  • Rich visualizations and interactive web-based interfaces for ad hoc reporting, charting and dashboards
  • Deployable on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure for rapid time-to-value

High Speed Data Refinery in the Cloud

Pentaho helped NASDAQ, the world’s largest securities exchange, streamline data processing and drive business insight. NASDAQ unified its data and analytics architecture on Amazon Web Services.


NASDAQ manages several rows of financial information each business day, exhausting their existing architecture. They needed a modern, cost-efficient way to make this information accessible for interactive analysis for several lines of business.


Pentaho’s end-to-end platform to transform large complex data sets and integrate with Amazon Web Services empowering end users with self-service analytics and dashboards to effectively manage several lines of business.


With Pentaho and Amazon Web Services, NASDAQ created a cloud-based solution that manages huge volumes of data cost efficiently to drive better business decisions.
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