26 Sep

Businesses complain. Stop complaining and let GoodJob handle that for you! Micro Skills. Lazy. Busy.

Businesses complain:

Even a company positioned as a super luxury, with outstanding developments over the past 10 years, founded & led by a businessman + professional artisan who has lived & worked for 30 years in Europe, is also "falling backward" with the characteristics of Vietnamese human resources:

– Serious defects in professional skills:
Vietnam almost lacks professional vocational training schools, for example: if you want to practice sales, you must have a degree (you specialize in selling certain items, in wholesale, you learn in retail, etc.), so businesses in Vietnam are very cautious. Disadvantaged when recruiting to work but having to re-teach everything, after the probationary period does not meet the requirements, the company still has to pay full salary (loss)… This is also the reason the salary level is low

– Poor discipline:
Just started work at 10 am but still late. After finishing time, we went to breakfast, makeup…
After going to the toilet, don’t close the lid… also have to teach…

Stop complaining and let GoodJob handle that problem for you! Micro Skills. Lazy. Busy. We take care of all.

Businesses wishing to improve labor skills and reduce training costs by 90% please contact GoodJob: goodjob.abnasia.org

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