10 Mar

Canada’s leading 3PL TRUSTS Ramco

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Canada’s leading third party logistics service provider J.P. Logistics

TRUSTS Ramco Systems


Hi Son,

I am glad to share Ramco’s new account win with our business Partner, Bricz, LLC., a U.S.-based supply chain consulting organization – Canada’s leading 3PL service provider, J.P. Logistics has inked 7-year Tech Transformation deal to address operations across USA, Canada, China and Europe.

J.P. Enterprises Logistics Corp ,Canadian Logistics and Supply Chain leader announced it will implement Ramco Systems’ Logistics Software, kick starting a digital transformation that will serve as a springboard for expansion and entry into the e-commerce space.

Ramco’s will be implementing its Integrated Logistics ERP Software including Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, as well as Rating and Billing along with ERP Financials to automate operations and invoicing. Ramco’s clear and comprehensive Logistics software, will increase productivity, cashflow and utilisation rates and help removing major redundancies and revenue leakages in varioust business applications across JP Logistics operations.

About J.P. Logistics:

With more than 30 years of experience as a global logistics executive, John O’Neill founded one of Canada’s premier logistics companies in 1986 which currently manages clients in 4,400,000 square feet in Canada, the United States, China and Belgium. The company built its reputation by developing expertise in a range of services required by clients, including supply chain management, transportation, warehousing and fulfillment, and by adopting best-in-class practices to manage, store and ship customers’ goods efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

J.P. Logistics serves a wide variety of industries including health care, fashion and beauty care, manufacturing and e-commerce. It also boasts food-grade facilities for perishable food products, and secure sites and services for jewelry and other high-value products that require special locations and processes for safe handling and delivery.

For more information about J.P. Logistics, please visit www.jpent.com

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