07 Feb

ChatGPT, to do or not to do. – AbnAsia.org

ChatGPT, to do or not to do.

A question I often received from executives in large corporates: Should we use ChatGPT in our work? How should we use it? What will it look like in our company? How we shall look like?

There are multiple levels to that question. In short, you definitely should. But there are a few things you should consider:

– Timing: You can either jump in aggressively now, or you can wait to see how it turns out.
– Aggressiveness: You can figure it out and implement it right now, or you can take the lazy approach, to wait for Microsoft to integrate ChatGPT across its product range. Then you just have to use it.
– Specific use cases: Do you currently have specific use cases that ChatGPT might help? Understand that ChatGPT is not a magic wand. Like any tech solution, it has its limitations, and it needs time to mature. Do you understand where it’s good at, especially in your use cases?
– And lastly, should you lock yourself in with a ChatGPT contract? Understanding that rivals will pop up very soon, how much commitment you should put into ChatGPT right now?
And that leads you to the point of multi-Ai strategy (Oops, too fast?)

Unlike some other technology trends where it takes a fairly long time to have any real-world relevance, this has an immediate business impact.

02 Feb

ChatGPT hype aside, what should you/me/we do in this new age?

ChatGPT hype aside, what should you/me/we do in this new age?

No business should be left behind in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, especially when it’s not a nice-to-have but a threat to your business performance.

Hypes aside, companies that incorporate ChatGPT into their operations will reap significant benefits. It has the ability to understand and respond to customer inquiries with human-like accuracy, ChatGPT can revolutionize the way you handle customer service, create content, or write business documents. It can also save time and resources by automating tasks previously performed by human agents, freeing up valuable time for your employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

But where do you start? The implementation of ChatGPT can seem overwhelming, but that’s what we can do for you. We own the expertise to ensure a smooth integration of ChatGPT into your business operations.

Don’t get left behind in the tech race. You too can leverage the power of ChatGPT to take your business to the next level.

Linkedin experts, a global team is formed to address this work. Whether you’re a customer in need of this service, or an Ai expert, we invite you to start the conversation.

Customers, if you can’t afford Big-4 services, get in touch with us.

31 Jan

Stopnow Crypto

Stopnow Crypto is a trader-oriented anti-money laundering (AML) tool designed specifically for the cryptocurrency industry. It provides traders with a powerful platform to monitor and manage their transactions, ensuring that they comply with AML regulations and mitigate the risk of financial crime.

Stopnow Crypto’s user-friendly interface allows traders to quickly and easily monitor their transactions, flagging any suspicious activity. This helps traders to stay ahead of potential AML risks, allowing them to take timely action to prevent financial crime and protect their businesses.

The tool also provides a range of automated tools to help traders manage their AML compliance, such as real-time transaction monitoring and automated sanctions screening. These tools help traders to stay up-to-date with the latest AML regulations, reducing the risk of financial crime and improving the efficiency of their compliance processes.

Stopnow Crypto is designed to be fast, reliable and user-friendly, allowing traders to focus on what they do best – trading. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing trading systems, making it easy for traders to adopt and use. This means that traders can focus on growing their businesses, safe in the knowledge that they are protected from financial crime.

Overall, Stopnow Crypto is a valuable tool for traders who are looking to stay ahead of AML risks and ensure that their businesses are protected from financial crime. By providing traders with powerful AML tools and a user-friendly interface, Stopnow Crypto makes it easy for traders to stay compliant and protect their businesses.

Stopnow Crypto, your passport to the crypto world.

24 Jan

Is ChatGPT taking the world? The view of ABN Asia.

$2 billions revenue projection for ChatGPT in the next year. ChatGPT is having a headstart, but it won’t be long.

The tech is advanced but isn’t super futuristic. The same techniques are mastered in a dozen other Ai labs. Training data is also not exclusive to OpenAi.

Now that OpenAi has shown the way, expect multiple competitors from other big techs in no time.

The wise strategy would be to lock in the customers, secure the money, and run fast.

Is ChatGPT taking the world? The view of ABN Asia.

18 Jan

Who do you want to become?

Who do you want to become?

Step 1: Set your role model.
Step 2: We develop you to have the skills you need, for you to get there.

That’s exactly what GoodJob is doing.
Glad to see Linkedin offering something similar. Not the same, but similar.

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