22 Jan

Lloyds Banking Group customers hit by Faster Payments outage

Lloyds Banking Group customers hit by Faster Payments outage
Source: Finextra

Customers of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland have been affected by a Faster Payments glitch that has left them unable to transfer money on 18th January.

Lloyds Bank took to Twitter to confirm that “some” customers are unable to make faster payments, adding that it is working to resolve the issue and that no users will be left out of pocket.

Halifax and Bank of Scotland, which are owned by Lloyds Banking Group, have issued identical statements.

With no other Faster Payments banks reporting problems, the issue appears to be with Lloyds, which has not yet provided an explanation. However, its service availability page shows that it had planned maintenance between 1am and 6am on Friday morning that was expected to affect internet and mobile banking.

Some customers have also had problems withdrawing money from cash machines, although Bank of Scotland says there “shouldn’t be any further issues with ATMs”. Hi Amy. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. There shouldn’t be any further issues with ATMs; please let us know if you have any problems when you try again.


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