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Business intelligence has become an effective weapon of Competitive Strategy. It is increasingly important to give value to the information, and the data organizations manage. This task would be impossible without the correct use of business intelligence.

To this end, the proposed solutions span the entire spectrum and allows an organization to make smart decisions with the advantage of using Open Source Software, which allows adding a reducing considerable costs more than ever before occurred and is revolutionizing the way in which firms make decisions today.

  • ETL / Data Quality: The extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data is the key to success in a BI system that lets you manage the quality of the data properly.
  • Datawarehouse: Modelling of information scattered throughout an organization into a centralized data warehouse provides consistent and uniform information for decision-making.
  • Reporting: Reports are a key element of distribution of information in any organization in different formats: pre-defined, dynamic, ad hoc, guided, etc ..
  • OLAP Analysis: Analysts are a powerful weapon in the use of OLAP cubes to perform advanced analysis on a model with dimensions, variables, hierarchies, etc …
  • BI Widgets: In the web environment increasingly demands more widgets using Business Intelligence that can be shared (facebook) or embedded (web), directly by users.
  • Dashboards: They are a powerful tool for managers and business analysts to quickly and easily  monitor the progress of organizations.
  • Data Mining: Thanks to data mining techniques we use in the organizations we work for, we get complex correlations and inferences about large amounts of data.
  • Mobile BI: Using our Business Intelligence solutions in several types of devices like Android, iPhone, iPad … allows mobility and agility give the decision-making.

“The Future is Open”
Open source software has become critical for almost every organization nowadays. But there is more, there are fields where its supremacy is not discussed and not even is considered the use of alternative software.

These are some of technologies that we work with and we are specialists in:

  • Pentaho, the world’s leader open source BI solution.
  • Big Data: In a world with very large data volumes measured in petabytes or exabytes, NoSQL (Not only SQL) is a broad class of DBMS that differ from the traditional relational model for data storage.

Pentaho is the most complete open source Business Intelligence solution covering all needs with the powerful collection of modules included on this suite.


The Pentaho BI Suite – AsiaBI

Pentaho – BI Analytics Pentaho – BI Reporting Dashboard
  • Pentaho Implementations.
  • Cost and time optimization.
  • Community and Enterprise versions.
  • Easy business intelligence!
Solutions for your business
  • Vertical Solutions for your business.
  • Leading professional services in Open Source Solutions.
  • Quality Development and Training.
  • Proven KPI based methodology.
  • Technology agreements with leading companies.
  • Guided Reports with simulation ‘what if’
  • Dashboard and OLAP with Flex
  • OLAP Cubes
  • Guided OLAP cubes with simulation ‘what if’ Software. Faster. Better. More Reliable. +84945924877 (Asia# Mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Zalo); +16699996606 (US# Mobile, WhatsApp, Telegram) [email protected]
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